QR Codes for practicing the teens: Farm style!

Teen QR Codes with Pigs and 10 Frames.jpg

We’ve still got a few kids working to learn the teen numbers. I came up with one more activity to help them master this skill.  We’re also knee deep in our farm unit, so I added some cute pigs to the activity to make it a little more fun. First they scan the QR code. Then they write the number they see. Finally they color in the 10-frame to match the number. My kids that still need support in this area also need practice with number formation.  This helps emphasize a both counting and number writing. You can see my first post about using QR codes here if you’ve never used them before and want to know how the whole thing works! You can see my other free QR code activities on my Freebies page.

Click the image to download your own free copy of this QR code for practicing the teens activity.

QR Codes for counting the teens

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