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{Update: This post was written over two years ago, which in technology terms, makes it ancient!  The kids in my QR code pictures are actually 2nd graders now! Some readers are finding that the audio QR codes for this activity no longer work. You might try scanning a code or two to make sure it still works before you go to the trouble of making a whole game. Consider looking on Teachers Pay Teachers for other QR code options. Or you can always make your own games by following the instructions on my original QR Code post.}

Ever since I posted my first QR Code activity that had audio files attached,  I’ve been thinking of ways to use those same QR codes. One activity that I came up with was Sight Word Bingo. We usually play Sight Word Bingo at our learning centers with our Pre-K kids in the spring, so it made sense to tech it up a little.  This game has five unique bingo boards and a total of  20 sight words.  The students scan one of the cards with a QR code, listen for the sight word, and then cover the corresponding sight word on their board. Using the QR codes added a different reading skill to our Sight Word Bingo game.  Usually, an adult reads the word to the students, and then shows the word to them so that they are looking for a match. With the QR codes, they were only able to hear the word, so they had to do a little bit of decoding in order to locate the correct word.  To read more about how I originally created my sight word QR codes with audio files attached, read my first post about them here.


My teaching partner and I feel very fortunate that we usually have the parent support to have an adult at each of our four learning centers.  Occasionally though, it’s just the two of us. When that happens on Bingo days,  we are stretched a bit thin.  Having the kids manage their own Bingo game with the QR codes frees the two of us up to check in with the other centers and also gives the children some ownership and autonomy in terms of their learning.

The kids really enjoyed this game today.  Each child loved having a turn to “be the teacher” and scan the QR code.  This activity actually held their attention much longer than the Farm Sight Word Activity.  It was a little less complex, and I think they appreciated that.

You’re welcome to print out your own QR Code Sight Word Bingo Game from Google Drive.  Click the image below to download your own copy.

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If you’re having trouble accessing the game, click the image below to read a few tips on using Google Drive.

Help with Google Drive


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  1. Mrs. Parker says

    This is such a great idea that I hope to adapt for my kindergarten class.

    • technologyinearlychildhood says

      I’m glad you like it! I’d love to hear about how it goes with your Kindergartners!