Holiday QR Codes and Ten Frames for Practicing Numbers 0-9

Reindeer QR Codes Numbers 0-9

We’ve been introducing the children to the iPads over the last couple weeks. One of the ¬†things I’ve wanted to teach them is how to scan a QR code. ¬†Unfortunately, all of the QR Code activities I created last year are too sophisticated for this early in the year. So I made a holiday themed 0-9 counting activity! As a school, we’ve been working to incorporate ten frames into our teaching, so I included them here here. The directions are simple! Scan the QR code, write the number you see, and color the ten frame to match the number. Here is the article where I write about how to create a QR code activity. If you find you’re really having fun with QR code activities, I’ve got a bunch more on my Freebies page.

You can access your own copy of this 0-9 reindeer counting activity here. Of course I had to print it in black and white because I needed so many copies, but if you’re homeschooling, or are one of those lucky teachers that gets to print in color for the whole class, the reindeer really do look much cuter in color. :) Enjoy!¬†Reindeer Counting 1 &2.jpg


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  1. Jan Chalmer says

    Thankyou for the number idea with QR codes.The pictures are very cute! I will adapt it for my students of Japanese.Can you please tell me how you made the ‘poster-like’ maroon-coloured sign on this blog [ost? It is so professional!