Five More Best Math Apps for Kindergarten and Preschool

For whatever reason, when I’m searching for apps to use with my preschoolers,  it’s the math apps that catch my eye. There seem to be more good math apps out there than there are for other subjects.  I first wrote about my favorite math apps last year.  Over the past few months,  I’ve stumbled across a few more that are worth a look and created a follow up post: Five Best Math Apps for Kindergarten and Preschool: Round 2. (The title of the app takes you to the iTunes store for a closer look.)

5 More Best Math Apps for Preschool and Kindergarten

Marble Math Jr. by Artgig Studios

Marle Math Jr.


Marble Math always  gets rave reviews. Up until recently, it wasn’t an option for us.  As fun as the game looked, the skills it required were way beyond preschool and kindergarten level.  Recently, the developers at Artgig apps added Marble Math Jr. and I’m so glad they did! While still probably at the high end of our skill level, Marble Math Jr. is a great app for our math lovers! The game is so engaging and challenging that I found it very difficult to put down even though my math skills are quite a ways  beyond what Marble Math Jr. is teaching.  The app does have the capacity to manage different accounts for individual players. This is always a plus when iPads are being shared in a classroom setting. The basic premise of the game is to role a marble around a maze in a certain order, answering math questions by delivering your marble to the correct answer.  The way you move your marble is to move your iPad in the direction you want the marble to roll. It very much reminds me of this classic marble game from my childhood. After I tore myself away from the Marble Math Jr. game I handed it to my husband. After spending far longer on the game than he intended, he handed it off to my daughter, who was also immediately drawn in and captivated.  Marble Math Jr. is a great app. Well worth the $2.99 price (and definitely worth the  $0.99  sale price that occasionally pops up)

Sago Mini Pet Cafe

Sago Mini Pet Cafe


This app is adorable.  While Marble Math Jr. is probably better suited to our older students, Mini Pet Cafe is probably better suited to our younger students. Still, I suspect our older students will inevitably be drawn in by the charming puppy, delightful kitty cat and sweet birdie that comprise the characters in this app. Puppy, Kitty and Birdie invite children to practice colors, counting and  matching as they create food for their cafe. The activities are fun, educational and perfect for preschoolers that are still trying to get a handle on some of these basic concepts.

Kindergarten Splash Math by StudyPad

Splash Math Kindergarten Free

$9.99 (Free Lite Version available)

Splash Math is another one of those apps that has long been popular for older learners. Fortunately, the developers recently added a Kindergarten version to their library of apps.  There is a “lite” version so you can try out the app for free and purchase it if it turns out to be what you’re looking for.  Kindergarten Splash Math is another app that offers individual accounts for unique users.  The children are guided through the app by a friendly claymation Hippo. The app teaches skills ranging from basic counting to geometry. One of the unique features of this app is the parent portal that tracks individual student progress and includes a syllabus that outlines each of the skills and each of the lessons. The app bills itself as a way to “eliminate expensive paper workbooks”  and I think that’s a great description.  This app feels very much like a workbook in app form. Unfortunately, the full version of the app is also priced like a workbook at $9.99.   It is still a fun way to reinforce basic skills and could be what you’re looking for if you’re a parent looking to teach your preschooler, or a homeschooler looking to supplement your math curriculum. 

Gazzili Math by Gazziliworld

Gazzili Math


This is a cute app with nice graphics that teaches basic preschool math skills.  The child takes a virtual field trip to the zoo and learns numbers and counting along the way. There are ample verbal cues so that even non-readers can be successful in all of the activities. Kids unlock “prizes” and subsequent levels as they successfully complete activities. This app is probably better for individual use rather than classroom use simply because once a level is “unlocked” it stays that way regardless of who is using the iPad. Still, the activities and visuals are engaging and hold the attention of my preschoolers.

Montessori Blocks by Busy Spider

Montessori Blocks


This app is more about geometry and spatial sense than number sense, and I think that’s why i like it.  Children match colored tile designs that become progressively more challenging. At the same time, students must count squares to effectively place the tiles so that they match the sample.  I love it when a game is able to subtly teach a skill, like counting, at the same time that the child is engaged in another, more overt skill like geometry. Also included in the app is a “doodle for fun” section that allows children to create pixelated designs with color. This is another app that has both a lite and full version.  At only 99 cents, the full version is a great deal, particularly if you are looking to develop your child’s spatial sense.

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