Apple Configurator Checklist

Pre-Configuration Checklist

So I’m getting ready to configure my third round of iPads with Apple Configurator. This time I got smart and decided to be more organized by making myself an Apple Configurator Checklist. This checklist is a “pre-configuration checklist” designed to help you be ready to go through the actual process of configuring the iPads. I’m writing it up here, and also including a printable version too.

  • Make sure you have “Mountain Lion” or higher installed on your laptop. To check, click on the apple on the upper left and then select “about this mac.” It should say version 10.8 or higher.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes on your laptop. (Version 11.1.4 as of this writing)
  • Install the Configurator App on your laptop. You can find it in the app store here.
  • Review the list of apps I installed on our iPads and install any of the apps that you might possibly want on your iPad. I recommend at least Google Drive and Google Chrome, a Bar Code Scanner & maybe the Kindle app.
  • Make sure that any app you want on the classroom iPads is on your iPad.
  • Make sure you have synced your iPad with your computer (plugged your ipad into your computer with itunes open) so that all of the apps on your iPad show up on your computer.
  • Set up an account with the Apple Volume Purchasing Program that uses an Apple i.d. that is different from the one you use with your existing iPad.
  • Read and review my first post about using Apple Configurator to find all of the best resources on my Pinterest board and to have the awesome YouTube video up and ready to go.

I’m hoping the checklist is going to streamline the process a bit. ┬áIt’s taken a long time the last two times I’ve configured iPads. Hopefully now that I’ve got a little organization, and a little experience, getting this next batch of iPads configured will be a breeze! Print your own copy of my checklist here.

Pre Installation Checklist for Apple Configurator

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  1. Chris Harris says

    There is one critical item missing. Make sure you buy an external hard drive in order to back up the computer you are running configurator on.

    • says

      Chris, that sounds like it could be a really good piece of advice. It’s obviously not something that we’ve done, but I may chat with our I.T. people about it. I’ve crashed a couple of hard drives recently and learned the value in having a solid back up system.