March and April QR Code Fun!

This time last year,  we were really into QR codes! I made two different sets for Spring. There’s a St. Patrick’s Day Set and a Spring Set.  Kids count the shamrocks (or the cute spring animal!) write the number, and then scan the QR code to check their work.   They had a lot of fun with these activities and it really helped them practice writing and counting their teen numbers. The image for each activity takes you to a page where you can download your own free copy to use with your class.  If you need help,  check out this post about how to download one of my google drive activities.

Spring QR Codes CoverQR Codes for counting


St. Patrick's Day QR codes for counting

St. Patrick’s Day QR codes for counting

I’ve been doing a lot with Book Creator that I hope to share with you soon, and I also added a few more apps to our iPads.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts about those topics!

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