Books for Teaching With Technology In Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms

Top Books for Technology in Early Childhood

Truth be told, I get most of my information about teaching with technology from technology based sources.  I Google, I subscribe to blogs, and watch social media.  I have however,  found a few books about teaching with technology that I’ve purchased or added to my Amazon wishlist. Even though I love technology,  I still love the feel of a book in my hands, especially when I’m reading non-fiction.   With non-fiction books,  I tend to skim as much as read,  and that works so much better with a real book rather than a digital one. But, I’m also frugal and Kindle versions of books are almost always cheaper.   More often than not, frugality trumps practicality, and I buy the kindle version.   But,  I also I think  that if you’re new to technology,  it’s often easier to explore a new topic in a familiar way, which is why I’ve included links to the real books (when there is one). Below are a few books that I either own, or hope to get a hold of in the near future!

Written by Karen Nameth and Fran Simon, this book looks at many of the different ways that educators can put technology into their early childhood classrooms. It offers research backed information and also offers sample lesson plans for teachers to implement.  It addresses some of the myths and fears surrounding the use of technology with young children.

 My iPad For Kids is a little bit like the “For Dummies” series for adults that offers a basic, yet thorough overview of a particular topic.  This book looks at iPads.  While probably a bit mature for preschoolers, there are videos that I think even younger kids could understand.

This book looks so interesting to me! It covers two of my favorite topics: technology and literacy.  Plus it’s got adorable kid artwork on the cover.  I’m dying to get my hands on a copy.  It’s on my wishlist.

This book is going to be my next purchase, hands down.  One look at the author’s Twitter feed and I was sold. Just look at all of the amazing tech stuff he’s sharing and creating, and most of it is early childhood based!

Lori Elliott is presenting about technology at this year’s i Teach K! conference in Las Vegas. Two of her three books are listed above.  They’re also on my wish list.

Can you add to my list? Do you know of any fabulous resources out there for early childhood educators who are trying to integrate technology into their classrooms?  Let me know in the comments!

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      Thanks Danny. I do have Hopscotch on our iPads. It’s a great app, but my students don’t read yet, so Hopscotch isn’t usable for them. Kodable and Light Bot work better for the early childhood set.