Preschool Kids: Art on the iPad

We used the MoMA Art Studio App Today

Winter Art On The iPad

We’ve been studying Winter and the kids made some super cute snowmen on the iPad today.

Using MoMA Art Studio was a great way for the kids to practice some of the skills they’ve learned when we’ve used iDiary for Kids. Besides being a fantastic app for building creative thinking skills, MoMA Art Studio is also FREE, so that’s good news. The kids loved that they could take pictures of their art to add to their portfolios.

MoMA Art Lab



Today on the iPad we learned:

  • How to build with shapes
  • How to use pinch and zoom to resize our shapes
  • How to build with straight lines
  • How to build with curvy lines
  • How to choose colors
  • How to change background colors

You can check out some of their work below.  Don’t you just love their cute snowman stick arms?

eleanor sophieblaiseashlyn seb



The longer I work with kids on iPads, the more value I’m finding in these apps that encourage creativity.  What are your favorite apps for drawing on the iPad?



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      Hi Suzie,
      We don’t actually have digital portfolios yet. It’s on my to-do list. There’s a “portfolio” built into the MoMA app where the kids can save their art work, but it’s not individualized or anything. I would really like to find a way to streamline their digital work into a single portfolio. Right now, I email their product to my gmail account and print out what they produce. Not terribly efficient. Let me know if you come across other ideas.