QR Code Learning Teen Numbers in Kindergarten

QR Codes for the Teen Numbers: Winter Snowman Theme

It’s funny to me that every time we introduce the teen numbers to our class, we’re in a different place in our curriculum. This means that if I want our QR code counting activity to match the theme,  I need to make a new one.  And of course we want to match the theme! Themes making learning fun!  I think though that what this really points to is how effective my teaching partner is in gauging the progress that each individual group is making and adjusting her math curriculum to meet their needs.  This means that we’re hitting teen numbers earlier or later in the year, depending on what the group is ready for.

This year, we’re tackling the teens head on in January, right in the middle of our Winter unit. So of course we needed some winter themed QR Code Counting activities. Check out these cute snowmen! The image below takes you to the printable on Google Drive. From there,  you can print your own copy to use in your classroom You can download your own free copy from google drive.  You can also use this link: Snowman QR Codes.  If you get stuck be sure to check out my other post, How to Access One of My Free Activities from Google Drive.

QR Code Counting Teens

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Have fun! I’d love to hear about how you use this activity in the comments!

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  1. katy says

    This is so cool! We will use this during our math groups. Sadly we will have to share the ipad but they will love it!

    • says

      We share iPads too. I think you’ll find that this activity will lend itself well to a shared iPad setting. There’s so much counting and coloring of ten frames that the iPad isn’t actually used all that often. Have fun!