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I am an assistant Junior Kindergarten teacher at a private school. I am a certified teacher with a degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Early Childhood Education. Technology is my hobby and I love finding ways to weave it into our Junior Kindergarten curriculum.

I also write code (aka program computers.)  I started out teaching my students the basics of programming and became interested in to learning to program myself.  I’ve built a few different websites from scratch. You can see my work on my other website: KarenJNelson.com.  I also share my thoughts about learning to program on the KarenJNelson.com blog.  Pop over and visit if you’re interested in learning to code yourself.

I am mom to two elementary aged children who make fantastic app testers and am married to a wonderful man who supports my writing efforts,  graciously listening to me ramble on about my latest ideas and plans.

Here are links to a couple posts I’ve written about why I’m writing on this website and my thoughts about the place of technology in early childhood classrooms:

Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Technology In Early Childhood

Using the iPad in Early Childhood Classrooms as more than just a gaming device.

My Reflections page has more pieces in this same vein. I also invite you to visit the Tutorials page and the Freebies page to get a sense of the kinds of things I like to write about and the kinds of activities I like to create for my students.

My most popular post is a sight word activity that I developed by attaching audio files to QR codes.  Many visitors also enjoy my Five Best Apps review series.

I’m really interested in getting to know other educators that are trying to use technology in their classrooms, particularly early childhood classrooms. So please, feel free to add your thoughts and comments on a post, find me on one of the social networks to the left or connect with me through email.  Some of my best teaching ideas have come from online interactions.  I think we have so much that we can learn from one another and I look forward to getting to know you.

You can email me at:

technologyforearlychildhood {at} gmail.com


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