Using the iPad in Pre K & K as More than Just a Gaming Device: A reflection

Using the iPad as more than just a gaming device.

“When are we going to use ipads?” they asked me. I was so very excited to implement my sight word QR code activity at our learning centers this week. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about and creating it.  The kids were very successful and engaged as they scanned the QR codes with their […]

Journaling on the ipad with Pre-Schoolers

Using an iPad for Journaling in Pre-K and Kindergarten

Each day the kids in our class make a “Play Plan.” They decide what they want to play with, draw a picture of it, and write it down. We pulled this idea from the Tools of the Mind curriculum, based on some of Vygotzky’s research.   One of the things we love about doing things […]

Experimenting with an ipad mini.

Experimenting with an iPad mini.

Today we had the chance to use a mini ipad during our learning center time. Our school secretary is the proud owner of one of these wonder-devices and she was brave enough to allow us to put it into the hands of our preschoolers. She’s just that amazing. She actually doesn’t even realize how brave […]

UPDATED: QR Codes for Sight Words: Attaching audio files

We encountered technical difficulties yesterday!  None of my subscribers or followers received an update about my latest post.  I’m very excited about this newest activity and didn’t want you all to miss out! Click the link or the image below to see yesterday’s post about attaching Audio Files to QR Codes. Apparently my “jetpack” plug-in […]

QR Codes for Sight Words: Attaching audio files

A fun sight word game with QR codes.

One of the first obstacles I encountered as I was thinking about ways to use QR codes with preschoolers was using information that didn’t require reading.  I knew that if I really wanted to have fun with QR codes with my students, I was going to have to find an easy way to attach an […]

Using a Stylus with an ipad in Pre-School & Kindergarten

using a stylus on the ipad with Pre-K & K students.jpg

  I love it when our Technology Coordinator drops off new fun stuff for us to experiment with! She knew we’d been looking to try giving each of our students a stylus. So when she was on Spring Break, she picked up a few! The kids and I were all excited to try them out. […]