When Technology and Good Old Fashioned Play Collide

When technology and good old fashioned play collide.jpg.jpg

I love it when technology makes it easier for us to help kids do what they really need to do to grow and develop: Play! This blog focuses on all of the fun technology based things we do in our class each day, but really, the technology makes up such a small part of our […]

Using the iPad in Pre K & K as More than Just a Gaming Device: A reflection

Using the iPad as more than just a gaming device.

“When are we going to use ipads?” they asked me. I was so very excited to implement my sight word QR code activity at our learning centers this week. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about and creating it.  The kids were very successful and engaged as they scanned the QR codes with their […]

Is It Really OK to put Technology in an Early Childhood Classroom?

Is Technology In Early Childhood OK

That’s the unspoken question I’m sensing from other Early Childhood educators. Is it really OK to give ipads to four and five year olds? When you’ve got the American Academy of Pediatrics making fairly strict recommendations about screen time for children under two, it makes sense to consider the question for young children as well. It’s definitely a question […]

Why Blog?

So yesterday was the first day that I really started  telling people about this new endeavor of mine, blogging.  For someone who is somewhat private and reserved, opening myself up like this made for a rather overwhelming day.  This is all a bit of a stretch for me, even if it is more of a […]